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Now you can listen to GLH Master Classes via Audio Download from the comfort of your own space, anywhere around the world. Pick your class, follow the payment prompts and you will receive a LINK that will allow you to listen at your own pace. Classes in which you are directed to SQUARE, PLEASE SPECIFY THE DESIRED CLASS IN THE COMMENT SECTION. These classes can be listened to multiple times. Some classes may be available for downloadable video purchase. Audios containing Healings done will be as powerful as in person. 


    There is a formula that has been applied to many of the greats that we look up to throughout our history like Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin. Have you ever wondered what it was that made these people who they were and why they became who they were? There is a very precise formula that created these people and can change you into one of these people who history will certainly remember and write about. This will give you the ability to stand out among the rest, and actually change the world in an incredible way in which these people have.  We will dissect what the formula was that got these greats to where they were and we will apply the same exact formula to each and every single person in this course. We will discover what your remarkable attributes are and how those can be combined in your blueprint to be one of these people. This becomes a new philosophy and will guarantee you find your way on the road that nobody travels and will guarantee that many others will try and walk your footsteps by your example. This course will also consist of amazing healings. This is a recipe for achieving your soul pull and changing the world. It will help you understand your body, your tendencies, and will teach you how to reprogram your behaviors in a way that success isn’t a matter of if but a matter of time. 


    As human beings we are a resilient species. We have a remarkable ability to overcome, move beyond, and endure almost anything. Outside of our physical bodies we can choose to take a different path. But when it is our physical bodies that are the problem, most of us don’t know where to find help. It becomes this wild goose chase of modalities and cures to ease our suffering. The pain and symptoms exceed our thresholds making it feel impossible to live any kind of quality life again. 
No matter where you are right now with a long term/short term sickness or even injury, there is a solution. 
On September 14th Alessandro did a 1 time special event in which he did a massive multilayered healing for sickness, disease, and injuries. Using the highest frequency forces available, he helped to help bring about the fastest most incredible healing possible to bring relief or resolve to where you are right now. 
Alessandro has spent a huge portion of his career bringing resolve to sickness, disease, and pain, helping all achieve harmony and balance. There is no such thing as an incurable. Sickness and disease are nothing more than doors to a happier more fulfilling balanced life. 
Spend an hour with Alessandro to start bringing about your remarkable resolve to your current situation. Alessandro will utilize his 32 years of healing experience and gifts to make an incredible change in your life. No work will be necessary for this healing except to have an open heart and to enjoy the meditative feeling experience. 


    In the physical world we have physical parasites that deplete and drain our bodies. Things like mosquitoes, leeches, tapeworms, tics, and other parasites. What science has been finding in the more recent years is that what exists in the physical also exists in the energetic. As our technology gets better we will soon have definitive proof of what we have known spiritually all along. Spiritually we know the energetic existed before the physical.


Energetic parasites plague a huge majority of people and because science hasn’t been able to fully pinpoint them, most of us remain helpless to them. These parasites just like in real life have an ability to wreak havoc on our energetic bodies. This will always in turn affect our physical bodies, thoughts, and functions.


Symptoms of energetic parasites are often headaches, uncontrollable sweet tooth, pinches of pain and discomfort in the body, bad choices, attracting very negative people, dark thoughts of doing harm to oneself or others, depression, or even not wanting to continue living. They can even go as far as creating sickness and disease once attached to our energy in the physical body.


Beyond these issues there also exist the problems of people’s negative intent. If a negative thought process is held long enough towards another person, that to has an ability to wreak havoc on a person’s life. It can get in the way of success, love, and even health.


There is a complete energetic world that most of us are unaware of. GLH's job is to wake people up and empower them to achieve the most incredible lives possible. If you been drawn to read this, your higher self is pulling you to consciously not only understand this world but also become a master of protecting yourself and those you love. 


At least three out of every five people will be affected by the above-mentioned and much much more covered this dark forces workshop series. I’ve spent over 20 years as an expert in this area removing these energies from people and changing lives and health almost overnight. 


If you would like to regain your power, if you would like to take back control of your thoughts, bodies, and emotions this class is for you. If you would like to protect your energy from other people’s harmful thoughts… and the harmful things that they have around them that are invisible to the physical eye you won’t want to miss this series.


    This very special course is designed to remove the blocks and obstacles that are in the way of achieving your soul pull. The first two classes cover the huge gamut of obstacles the typical person can experience. The goel is to listen to the personal stories shared and find your story in what you hear. Then apply the given advice to your similar situation in your life. Weeks 3 - 5 are designed to utilize and master fear in a way that will guarantee success in your life. Success in attaining your goals. You will learn that fear is one of the greatest assets we have in life. What would it feel like to have fear as your greatest asset?


The ultimate purpose of this school is to awaken people to who they really are and get them to their highest spiritual potentials. To achieve inner peace and balance. To turn each and every person into the sole creator of their life. To raise their vibration and in turn boost the vibration of the world we live in. 

Classes at GLH



      These powerful classes will consist of a beautiful message for the week and the intro of an empowering spiritual practice. The sole purpose is to achieve balance. Immediately following, the class will engage in a remarkable Guided Light Healing led by a Master Guided Light Healing Teacher. Each week's healings will differ depending on what will serve a class's highest good. Healings include chakra boosting and rebuilding, soul repair and recovery, Aura boost and repair, removal of negative energies, pineal and pituitary activations, core frequency boosting, and much more.

SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT CLASSES: 1hr 30 min. SPECIAL $25. normally $75.

      Guided Light Healing Teachers specialize in empowering and connecting people to their highest path.

Each week you will get to experience the spiritual tools and principles that made private sessions from Guided Light Healing’s Teachers world renowned over the years. These classes will be very special group healings designed to put your body, energy, and soul in alignment. Each 90-minute experience will be a meditative healing followed by teachings of spiritual and energetic principles. A discussion consisting of spiritual laws and how to use them to your advantage, as well as a Q&A, will follow to create a beautiful understanding and application of the day’s teachings. Each one of these unique classes is designed to inspire and be truly life changing.