The ultimate purpose of these courses are to awaken people to who they really are, and get them to their highest spiritual potentials. To achieve inner peace and balance. To turn each and every person into the sole creator of their life. To raise their vibration and in turn boost the vibration of the world we live in. 


Class Structure


Each class will open with the learning and guiding of different meditations.

After, we will move to the teaching and discussing of one of the following topics depending on course:


- Self-love

- Money 

- Reflections

- Relationships

- Clearing this lifetime's past traumas

- Connecting each person with and strengthening intuition

- The keys to manifesting

- Changing your frequency

- Living in truth

- Balancing the seven areas of your life

- The bodies language and how it can help us

- Fair exchange

- Learning how to interpret environment 

- Living as a creator

- Healing others

- Life path

- Healing Injuries

- Expanding intuition

- Healing Diseases

- Past Lives


Shortly after we will break into smaller groups with exercises reinforcing the topic covered that day and session. At the end of each session,  you will have a very solid foundation of new tools and how to apply them in your life. In addition to massive shifting energy work on a mind, body, and spirit level. 


Next, we will break into Q n A's for about 30min.


Finally, We will end with Alessandro doing a powerful group healing that will be done on three levels. They will cover the DNA, Brain, and Physical body. This is a very powerful type of healing process. This is the closest thing you will experience to an instantaneous shift of imbalances in your body, your energy, as well as the reprogramming of old habits. Each group healing will be related to the topic covered in class that day. For now each topic will last three weeks.  You will go through 3 reprogrammings per topic which will be more than enough to bring about the right changes in your life. This will, in the best possible way, lock in what is being taught each week and bring about the fastest changes in your life.

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