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      Seminars typically run around 2hrs. long. Courses are usually 6 - 8 weeks long. Most Classes, Courses and Talks are available online. Healing audios for Ailments and DNA Reprogramming are also available here. Private Healing sessions are typically 1:15hr. long. There are also 35min. healing sessions, but those are more for pressing situations needing direction: "This just came up... What's the highest resolve?"


      Payments can be made on the day of your session or before. There are also payment plans for those who are interested. When scheduling your session, you will be given instructions to help you get the most out of your time with Alessandro. Typically, it will be in the form of journaling. Sessions are usually done over the phone or Skype. If interested, Alessandro can also meet in person. 


​      The goals of the sessions are for you to become confident in your abilities and lift yourself out of your situation, as well as to work on the tools and specifics that came up in your session and own them. Alessandro's goal is for each of you to learn to heal yourselves, stay connected to your center, and eventually not need him anymore. Then, when you are more whole, you can and will help those around you.


Daily Seminars

Seminars are available for all situations. Some of those include: Mastering Financial, Business Operation, Creating Businesses, Mastering Relationships in Personal or Vocational, Mastering Self Love, Mastering Balance in Life, Mastering Health, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual & Energetic Healing of Self and Others... Typically seminars start around 2 hours and increase in time depending on needs. They usually consist of meditation, lecture, group work, and some sort of energetic healing for the group.  

Recorded Healing for Specific Imbalance

In an attempt to get people to their desired goals in the least amount of sessions possible. I create a audio healings to be done on a repeating basis for a specified amount of time. Each of these are unique are specific to each individual. These have greatly helped in reducing the amount of energy work sessions needed.

1:15 Hr. Healing Session

These sessions are about accomplishing the greatest shift and life changes possible. It's hard to put into words what goes on here for every person is different. 


These tend to be all encompassing session. Whatever is most needed gets addressed first. This tends to be a life altering experience for most and often includes tools, energy work, intuition, and incredible awakenings for the individual. Payment plans are available on request.

35 Min. Healing Session

These are geared towards specific and general questions, direction, and clarity. 

Distance Energy Work

This includes the following and more.

-Soul Retrieval Work

-Healings for Specific Imbalance

-Soul Karma

-Energy Body Work 

-Career Energy Work

-Negative Energy Release

-Negative Energy Removal

Single Beyond Meditation Class

These powerful classes will consist of a beautiful message for the week and the intro of an empowering spiritual practice. The sole purpose to achieve balance. Immediately following the class will engage in a remarkable Guided Light Healing led by a Master Guided Light Healing Teacher. Each week's healings will differ depending on what will serve a classes highest good. Healings will vary from chakra boosting and rebuilding, soul repair and recovery, Aura boost and repair, removal of negative energies, pineal and pituitary activations, core frequency boosting, and much much more.

Single Spiritual Empowerment Workshop Class Pass

Guided Light Healing Teachers specialize in empowering and connecting people to their highest path.

Each week you will get to experience the spiritual tools and principals that made Guided Light Healing’s Teacher's private sessions world renowned over the years. These classes will be very special group healings designed to put your body, energy, and soul in alignment. Each 90 minute experience will be a meditative healing followed by teachings of spiritual and energetic principals. A discussion, consisting of spiritual laws and how to use them to your advantage, and Q&A will follow to create a beautiful understanding and application of the day’s teachings. Each one of these unique classes are designed to inspire and be truly life changing. Normally $75. on sale for New Year Special

Retreat Deposits

This section is to reserve a space on my upcoming retreat. More information on pricing and details is available through Julie at 310-663-4514.

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