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An Intuitive Energetic Healer and Spiritual Teacher. Alessandro Giannetti is known for creating the most incredible shifts in peoples lives. From his groundbreaking healings to spiritual teachings Alessandro specializes in empowering and connecting people to their highest path with over 28 years of experience in the healing world. Born in NY, Alessandro calls Los Angeles home where he currently teaches weekly courses & workshops as well as retreats around the world, corporate trainings, events, and limited private sessions. Alessandro is extremely intuitive and his techniques include some of the following: Channeling, Chi Kung, Distance Healing, Distance Healing on Large Groups, Spiritual Surgery, Life Event/Physical World Event Shifting, Energy Manipulation, Past Life Healing and Clearing, Soul Karma, Soul Recovery Work and much more. Among his techniques, his favorite is DNA, Mind, and Body Reprogramming.



Full Private Healing Session

These sessions are about accomplishing the greatest shift and life changes possible. It's hard to put into words what goes on here for every person is different. 


These tend to be all encompassing session. Whatever is most needed gets addressed first. This tends to be a life altering experience for most and often includes tools, energy work, intuition, and incredible awakenings for the individual. Payment plans are available on request.

$2,000 - $2,060

Distance Energy


This is for a distance healing energy work need. No discussion necessary. 

This includes the following and more.

-Soul Retrieval Work

-Healings for Specific Imbalance

-Soul Karma

-Energy Body Work 

-Career Energy Work

-Negative Energy Release

-Negative Energy Removal

$1,100 - $1,133

Check In


These are geared towards specific and general questions, direction, and clarity. 

$1,100 - $1,133

Recorded Healing for

Specific Imbalance

In an attempt to get people to their desired goals in the least amount of sessions possible. I create a audio healings to be done on a repeating basis for a specified amount of time. Each of these are unique are specific to each individual. These have greatly helped in reducing the amount of energy work sessions needed.

$1,100 - $1,133

Speaking Engagement


Seminars are available for all situations. Some of those include: Mastering Financial, Business Operation, Creating Businesses, Mastering Relationships in Personal or Vocational, Mastering Self Love, Mastering Balance in Life, Mastering Health, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual & Energetic Healing of Self and Others... Typically seminars start around 2 hours and increase in time depending on needs. They usually consist of meditation, lecture, group work, and some sort of energetic healing for the group.  


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